Stock taking As a service

At Scanmatix, we leverage our proprietary technology to ensure superior stocktaking services for your business.  Our skilled stocktakers utilise the robust Scanmatix platform, in conjunction with our partner Zebra devices, to deliver outstanding stocktaking services and significant enhancements to your warehouse processes.  Our belief in our technology is so strong that our team is at the forefront, personally executing stocktakes and showcasing the remarkable capabilities of our platform.  It’s not just about tools; it’s about harnessing the full potential of these tools to boost human efficiency within your business.  Key Benefits for Your Company.

Increased Efficiency: The integration of our technology with human expertise dramatically increases operational efficiency, saving valuable time and reducing errors.

Enhanced Accuracy: Our state-of-the-art technology ensures precise stocktakes, leading to more reliable data and helping to eliminate inventory discrepancies.

Process Improvement: By utilising our platform, we can help streamline your warehouse processes, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Best Practices: Drawing upon the wealth of data via our Scanmatix platform, we suggest industry-leading best practices to further optimise your warehouse operations.

Confidence: Our dedication to using our own technology demonstrates our confidence in its efficacy – and offers you the assurance that you’re receiving top-tier services backed by cutting-edge tech.  In essence, Scanmatix doesn’t only provide a service; we offer a comprehensive solution that marries advanced technology with our team’s expertise.  This powerful combo aids in improving warehouse processes, providing highly accurate stocktakes, and driving overall business efficiency.


Increased Accuracy

Increased efficiency

Best Practices

Process Improvement


Comprehensive Solution