Self Scan

Self-scan services, including the rental of devices, offer a wide range of benefits backed by the expertise of Scanmatix’s inventory management specialists.

Enhanced Accuracy: Self-scan services drastically reduce the chance of human error typically associated with manual inventory checks.

Time-saving: These services allow for quicker stock takes, freeing up staff time for other tasks.

Cost-effective: Hiring scanning devices on a rental basis for one-off inventories can prove much more cost-effective than investing in expensive hardware that may not see regular use.4. Real-time Data: Self-scan services can provide real-time updates, ensuring the most accurate data is always available for review and action.

Flexibility: The availability of rental devices provides flexibility to conduct impromptu or unscheduled stock takes as required.

Reports and Analysis: The Scanmatix team offers comprehensive reports post-scan. These can help you understand stock discrepancies, manage inventory more efficiently, and make informed decisions for future procurement.

Expert Assistance: Our team of inventory management specialists is always ready to guide you through the scanning process, ensure the correct use of devices, and help interpret the scan data.

Streamlined Process: Digital processes like these contribute to the digitisation of businesses, streamline operations, minimise paperwork, and reduce the carbon footprint.

Customisation: Depending on your specific business needs and objectives, Scanmatix can customise the self-scan process to cater to unique requirements.

Refinement of Business Strategy: The insights gathered from these reports can help refine your inventory management strategy, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and profitability in the long run. In summary, Scanmatix self-scan services are a robust, efficient, and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to optimise their inventory management while being adaptable to their changing needs.


Enhanced Accuracy

Cost Effective


Realtime Data

Reports and Analysis

Expert Assistance

Streamlined Process