Proof of delivery

The Scanmatix Mobile Platform’s Proof of Delivery (POD) application holds a wide array of features and benefits, designed to significantly enhance the efficiency and reliability of delivery processes. These include:1. Real-time Updates: The POD application provides real-time status updates of deliveries, offering increased visibility and enabling better decision-making.

Digital Signatures: The platform supports digital signatures, ensuring an efficient, paperless delivery confirmation process.

GPS Tracking: With built-in GPS tracking, the whereabouts of delivery vehicles can be accurately monitored, enhancing accountability and optimising routes.

Photo Documentation: The ability to capture images provides concrete proof of delivery condition and completion.

Timestamps: Each delivery is timestamped, ensuring precise tracking of delivery schedules, aiding in dispute resolution, and helping improve future planning.

Inventory Management: The integration with Scanmatix’s inventory systems allows for automatic updating of inventory levels after every delivery, enhancing stock control.

Customer Satisfaction: Timely updates and reliable deliveries lead to improved customer satisfaction.

Auditing Ease: The availability of digital records makes for a smoother auditing process, reducing administrative burden.

Reduced Costs: Streamlined operations and optimised routes lead to significant cost savings in the long run.

Robust Security: The platform is designed with multiple layers of security to protect sensitive data against unauthorized access, giving users peace of mind .In summary, the Scanmatix Mobile Platform’s Proof of Delivery application provides a comprehensive, secure and efficient system for managing deliveries, with features designed to streamline operations, improve accountability, and enhance customer satisfaction.


Realtime updates

Digital Signatures

photo documentation

GPS Tracking

Inventory Management

Customer Satisfaction