Scanmatix is the new leading name for stocktaking across the island of Ireland.  Our team brings over 80 years of industry knowledge working for some of the largest stocktaking companies in the world.  

Your business is unique, so are your requirements.  We do not simply offer a ‘fixed’ stocktake solution with standard reports or file requirements.  We take the time to understand what you need and then work with you to provide it. No two businesses are the same, even if they sell similar products.  When our team visits your store, they bring a tailored approach that ensures you get the service that is best suited to your business, not a standard package.



Our state of the art software allows us to be quicker than our competitors without sacrificing accuracy.


Data files can be accepted in many formats containing a variety of information. We work with all EPOS providers to ensure that what is delivered is compatible with their requirements too.  If specific reports are needed, these can be developed to ensure we meet your needs.  We are not limited by set templates or formats.

High quality team

Our experienced, high quality team is consistently working on stocktakes delivering high accuracy counts.  We do not cut corners, estimate, or enforce scan rates per hour on our staff. 


Take away the hassle of a stock take using our team and save the company time and money.